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PHP syntax checker for Git repository changes

So I was reading this article about writing a php lint checker, that would check your php files for syntax errors before commit. Since I use git, I decided to write something similar. I put this in .git/hooks/pre-commit and made that hook executable. So far it’s working very well.

git status | cut -c 3- | egrep  '^(modified|new file)' | egrep '\.(php|html)$' |awk -F: '{ gsub(/[[:space:]]*/,"", $2); print $2}' |xargs -n1 php -l

In Linux, you can take the output of one command, and make it the input of the next command using the pipe (shift \) character. So let’s break down this command and see how this helps us keep developers from committing php code with errors.
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